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An unidentified hacker hacks the official Git server in the PHP language and inserts a backdoor into the PHP source code.

You may already be interested in PHP-based technology, which ranges from small WordPress blogs to large social media platforms like Facebook.

This open-source programming language, which has won the hearts of many, has been released in stable version 8.0.3.

However, it was recently reported that an unidentified hacker had gained access to the official Git server (, which stores the PHP language’s source code, and had altered some of it.

The hacker used the names of Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, and Nikita Popov, a Jetbrains software developer, to create a backdoor into the PHP source code via two commits to the “php-src” repository. Has been completed.

The commands sent to the server are set to execute only those commands beginning with “zerodium” using the HTTP USER AGENTT header called HTTP USER AGENTT through the code segment above.

The hacker can now access the server by issuing commands through the relevant backdoor to a web server, thanks to the modified source code.

They have now reversed this decision, and instead of using their own Git server, they have decided to upload the PHP source code to GitHub, where they can then contribute to it. You must obtain permission through the GitHub service’s organization feature.