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Apple, Epic Games Indulge In Court Battle; Will Fortnite Finally Return To App Store?

Apple has arrived in deep waters since the withdrawal of Epic Games ‘ Fortnite. It all began about a year ago and with all the hustle and bustle, both tech firms are poised to face it out in court. The situation is being dealt with today, May 3, 2021. Expected to last at least 3 weeks, this case hearing arrives as a surprise for the company’s working market module on the app store. What led Epic Games to drag Apple to court and what result should we expect? Let’s find out.:

What’s the deal with Apple and the epic game Court Battle?

We all recognize the Apple has its ecosystem, whether it’s for hardware or applications. The corporation depends on iOS to push its devices such as iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Apple has stringent rules for software developers on iOS; one is the obligatory usage of its in-house payment mechanism for app transactions.

Apple also fixed an own cut (Commission) on any order in the app store. Up to 30 percent commission or Apple Tax (as the brand calls) before each transaction is collected, go through the records. However, back in August 2020, Epic Games discovered a loophole for Apple’s 30 percent off sales on Fortnite. Both fees reached directly to Epic Games.

However, Apple quickly found and deleted Fortnite from the App store. The Cupertino giant also limited the entry of Epic Games developers from its other sites. Apple cited Epic Games violated the terms for the App Store by giving players discount for item purchasing enabling the firm to circumvent Apple levy.

60-page court action has been brought by Epic Games against Apple. The trial begins today in federal court, Oakland with U.S.Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, a district judge, is in charge.

Will Apple Be The Winner Or Epic Games?

The entire lot is about Apple’s monopoly. So the primary issue remains whether Apple is correct on its share of collecting 30 percent Apple tax for software developers. Although the trial will be conducted in the court building, several jurors will testify about Zoom video conferencing. All sides would provide their lawyers to prosecute the lawsuit.

If Apple is manipulating the conditions of the App Store is a big concern. It needs to be seen whether or not the verdict winds up in the Epic Games bucket. If Apple defeats this fight, we can see Fortnite returning to the App Store. Still, it is unclear as there are several things to remember.