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Due to a problem with the Fastly CDN, a large number of websites on the Internet are down for about an hour

Internet users around the world reported that for over an hour today, many of the world’s most famous websites including Amazon, Reddit, Stackoverflow, GitHub, PayPal, Spotify have been disabled.

Most news websites, especially like BBC, CNN, New York Times, The Verge, were also down, which was the reason for a service breakdown in the famous edge CDN, Fastly company.
Currently, the company is fixing the relevant issue and restoring its services, it can see that almost all sites are back to normal already.

In addition to these public websites, many systems including the United Kingdom State website as well as the passport renewal system, the information system to apply for tax allowances, and the information system to issue driving license were reported to be disabled during this time.

Remember that in July last year, a similar edge CDN, a Cloudflare service issue caused a huge amount of websites like this was disabled.

Here we briefly explained what a CDN or Content Delivery Network is, and the incident has happened in a similar way, according to the information reported so far.
However, Fastly has not yet worked to officially issue a statement regarding the preliminary incident that caused the Fastly service collapse, we hope to update this article as soon as we get information.