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GTA: 6 Trending Again; Is It Finally Getting A Launch Date?

If there’s one game that hasn’t been publicly released yet and still reaches the news daily, it’s none other than GTA: 6. The game is trending online again, and the explanation behind this movement would definitely confuse you.

Rockstar Games, the studio behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise has now posted a fresh vacancy on multiple networks. The team is actually searching for game testers, and the internet people have figured that the studio is probably hiring people to try the gta: 6. Hence, the game has been trending online in recent days on numerous websites.

According to the work page, Rockstar Games is actually searching for testers in Edinburgh, Lincoln, and India. Most studios employ game testers while the title is in the last step of development. Although there is no major title announcement from Rockstar Games in recent years, it is indeed considered GTA: 6.

GTA: 6 official launch date

According to some sources, COVID-19 has hindered the progress of GTA: 6 to some degree, thus the game could become official by the end of 2023. Like GTA: V, the GTA: 6 is also supposed to be restricted to consoles for the first time, and the same will be ported to PCs, perhaps in 2025.

Take this news with a grain of salt, though Rockstar has mentioned little regarding the life of GTA: 6 so far. This are just speculations focused on the recent events, and we trust the reports will come out.

GTA: 6 features and Gameplay

GTA: 6 is supposed to come up with a bigger card relative to GTA: 5 and it would surely be a visual surprise for gamers. The game would possibly have functionality such as real-time ray-tracing, making GTA: 6 the first game to embrace ray-tracing, which would increase graphical quality.

PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are expected to be the first range of consoles to embrace GTA:6. According to the costs, the GTA: 6 is supposed to cost as much as the gta: V.