Here is the latest onslaught of all security forces coming together

Anorada Yahamb province to deploy a raid force to stop deforestation taking place in the Trincomalee region.

The force is to be established with the intervention of the three forces and the police.

The decision in Trincomalee to adopt the necessary decisions to stop continued deforestation in the region of Trincomalee in the Governor’s Secretariat was taken with the participation of the Chiefs of Defense Staff.

In addition to the raids, billboards with numbers on the hotline (070-7011117) were to be installed to alert the security forces to the destruction in the eastern region.

In addition, the Governor has instructed the Secretary of Trincomalee Province to take steps to establish people-level environmental committees.

The Governor has reportedly instructed the security forces to strictly enforce the law on anyone who destroys forests and archaeological sites regardless of rank.

Trincomalee District Secretary Saman Darshana Padikurla, Governor L.B. Madanaki, Commander of the Eastern Naval Command, District Commanders representing the armed forces and police, and a group of officers representing the Civil Defence Forces.

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