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How To Deactivate Call Forwarding in Jio

Call forwarding is a telephone service, which encourages you to make incoming calls to another number, whether it’s mobile or landline where you are available to attend calls. However, on recently acquired SIM cards or smartphones, the service is often triggered automatically. If you’re a Jio customer who’s having trouble with the service and want to switch it off, follow the steps outlined below.

Call Forwarding could be disabled. Jio is a mobile phone service provider.
There are two strategies for disabling call forwarding in Jio connections in particular. Use the Settings to disable the call forwarding feature or service in the first phase. Using the deactivation of Jio call divert, you can disable the service for your link in the second method. We’ve outlined how to switch off Jio’s call forwarding in the section below.

Jio Call Forwarding may be turned off in the system settings.

Follow the measures below to disable Jio call forwarding in System Settings.

Find ‘System App Preferences’ in the Apps settings.
Keep an eye out for the call settings and open them.
Open the Call Forwarding option by searching for it.
You have access to all call forwarding options. Simply allow or disable call forwarding from here.
If you do not find the call forwarding settings here, you can check for forwarding settings using the choice to search settings. If not, the system manufacturer will not have provided the Settings. In this scenario, you may cancel call forwarding in Jio using USSD codes.

Jio Call Divert Deactivation Number

Follow the steps below to deactivate the call redirection through the Jio call deactivation amount.

Open the dialer on your computer.
Call the USSD code, the Jio call divert deactivation number.
In specific, there are five USSD codes to allow or disable call forwarding in Jio. These USSD cards have various applications and parameters. Below you can find a list of all Jio call divert activation and deactivation numbers as described on the official Jio website.

Call Forwarding Unconditionally – * 402
Call forwarding ‘ no comment – * 404
Call routing ‘ busy – * 406
Contact Conditional call Forwarding ‘ not accessible – * 410
Both Forwarding – * 413

Through doing so, the call forwarding service would be removed on your Jio link and you will be able to address calls directly from your number yourself.