I learned to face challenges from my mother – Nilu Anandappa, Asia’s Greatest Teacher

At the age of thirteen I wanted to be a teacher.

“There is no child of no use. This means that it is a weakness for the teacher.”

There is an important Chinese saying, “If the doctor is incorrect, then if the lawyer is wrong the fault is buried, the guilt is imprisoned, and the fault is socially adopted if the teacher is incorrect. It reflects the responsibilities of the teaching profession. This relates to her who realized that she was responsible and brought sri Lanka’s name into the international arena by adding pride to the teaching profession.

Her name is Nilo Anandaba, a classroom teacher and teacher in the primary section of nice International School, Negumbo, and has recently won two international awards. This is the Asia Teacher of The Year 2020/2021 presented by the Asian Research Center and the Global Excellence Award for Digital Teachers by the Global Institute for Digital Excellence.

Nilo Anandaba is the first Sri Lankan to win this award. We started talking to her, remembering that difficult journey.

These competitions each constitute an annual international contest. As far as I know, participation in Sri Lanka is very low. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend who has given me the link to the Global Excellence Awards for Digital Teachers. At the time he said, “Nilo will find it difficult to do so, but try because it is worth participating in the competition.”

I also applied for it at the time, not with a firm faith in victory. The first thing I had to do was present my profile as a brochure. I made a 20-page booklet and according to the competition coordinator, seven Sri Lankan teachers submitted their personal data but refused from the outset. I have created my profile after a lot of study and hard work.

After I was informed that my profile had been chosen, I had new hope and confidence in winning the competition. After that, I had to face 7 more rounds. All this has been done through online technology. She competed with me in the last round, was a teacher in her 50s life in Afghanistan and she had a PhD. That moment was really great.

Twice before, I have tried the Asian Contest for Excellence. They took it in all cases, although we couldn’t imagine obstacles. I competed and won for the third time. There I had the opportunity to become one of the best teachers in Asia, representing 54 countries with highly experienced and highly qualified teachers such as phD. But I faced this challenge. I am very excited about these achievements as an opportunity to test my knowledge and my ability and updated with them. I always think that the teacher should be constantly updated. I’m constantly trying for it. ”

She says with great humility and speaks with greater humility about the joy of victory in that heart.

I didn’t say I’m going to compete to anybody. Usually, I’m a little sensitive, and hurts me if someone loses a game and says something about it. I faced the competition quietly and i learned for the first time about victory on my 32nd birthday it was a very happy occasion. ”

Nilo Anandappa received that beautiful birthday gift with great effort. She told us that the road had been paved from an early age.

I’ve been born in Negombo, come to Maria Girls’ College to study in Negombo. My parents were my only child since I was a kid and the school was in front of the house. So I spent most of the day in church from an early age, i had a passion for music and outdoor activities. I’ve been playing in church since I was eight years old. I wanted to be a professor from an early age. But my mother didn’t like it and my mother wanted me to pursue a science career because I was excellent in science. But my mother and father never pressured me to do what they wanted me to do, it was this result of that freedom, trust and sacrifice that paved the way for this victory. ”

The internationally acclaimed teacher Nilo Anandaba’s dream of becoming a teacher was born at the age of 13.

I walked with a friend one day in the schoolyard. Then we saw a primary school teacher trying to circle the kids. Seeing it, my friend said, “Look, teaching in small classes is an easy task, you just have to do something.” Even when I was a kid, I felt that teaching primary school wasn’t as easy as it seemed. I had a lot of arguing with my friend about it at first, and I thought I would become a primary school teacher.

The girl, who thought the wings had to be strengthened in order to give wings to dreams, has been working for it ever since. After completing the GCE Advanced Level exam, she enrolled in a leading teacher training institute in the country and completed higher diploma courses, nvq-level training as a teacher and a diploma in child psychology. Got it. Nilo Anandaba, who is also preparing to pursue a bachelor’s degree in arts in private education, is now 13 years into his career.

She is currently a grade 2 teacher at Nice International School and a teacher of mathematics, geography and history for 3-5 years. She said her favorite subject was mathematics.

“Educating young children is not easy. It is a great responsibility. Primary education is the basis of their learning, as well as everything else. At that critical stage, when a child is properly formed, they can go ahead and do great things.

Teaching is a blessed profession. I started teaching for the first time during my high school. The children you taught at the time are thrilled to see their lives on the right track. None of the children I’ve taught have ignored me so far. Although I am still 32 years old, I sometimes receive the same respect as a teacher in my 60s. It’s all a great blessing. I humbly happy about it.

It is difficult to build confidence in the teacher and maintain it in the child. Once that trust is broken, it becomes difficult to rebuild. Children should be punished with caution. As a teacher, we need the teacher’s help in educating the child as well as in choosing the right path in life. It is also part of the education itself. Not all children are the same, there is no useless child, which means, it is the teacher’s weakness. A useless child today may be a good engineer tomorrow. The child should be given time to understand and value and to act on it. It is not appropriate to confuse the mind but to let children choose the path. ”

She says so through her professional experience. Nilo Anandaba, a teacher who has loved thousands of children, has two sons, Joel and Jeremy, aged 10 and 9. Jehan Havarayan is a husband who encourages her life like a shadow. In the profession he is a bank employee.

“He didn’t say no to anything. Sometimes I get in trouble because helping others always tells me to be careful too, I get all the support and blessings I need from him. My father deserves credit for my victory, and my mother in particular made great sacrifices for me from a young age. I’ve always been behind me and I learned to face challenges from my mother. Although I don’t have my brothers, some of the parents I met because of my students help me like my brothers. I have also received a lot of support from the management of my school, from children and their parents. I want to thank you all on this occasion.

Her story is clear. Simple; Real. She also asked about the “online education system” in the current context of the Coved epidemic.

“It has both positive and negative results. In the current situation, children have to study online or online. But allowing children to use mobile phones without adult attention is risky. Children are more likely to be misled online. Therefore, it is very important for parents to be on the lookout for children learning online whenever possible. In practice, this can be difficult when the parents are at work. Until this situation is resolved, we, as teachers and parents, must patiently confront this situation. ”

In addition to teaching, Nilo Anandaba is interested in writing and new studies. There are undoubtedly more good dreams in her life as she has achieved success in life through fear, commitment, and determination in the face of challenges. She said about it.

“The motto of my life is to do what is right and to defend it. I have a dream to build a school for children with special needs in the future. So you need to complete other studies including the required degree. I love the school I teach today. I follow my career with passion and love.

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