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Microsoft has confirmed that the version of Windows 11 released on the Internet is actually a copy of Windows 11

The key topic discussed in the tech world over the past few weeks has been the OS build, which is considered the next version of Windows OS, which is expected to be released by Microsoft.

You might have already installed this version on your computer and checked it.
Some of them are still in doubt about this build called Windows 11, and the reason is that the build was actually leaked from Microsoft, is there any space for malware, etc., which could be damaged by installing it.

However, according to the latest news, Microsoft has reportedly taken legal action against the Indian website that leaked the build, which is suspected to be Windows 11, and hence, it is considered an official build of the Microsoft company.

Meanwhile, Beebom is also reportedly known as Microsoft, has asked Google to remove the web link related to the leaked build from this Indian website, and the reason is ′′ it is a copy of Windows 11, which has not been released yet. ′′ Just to mention that.
According to this, the relevant weblink has been removed from the Beebom website as well.
However, the currently leaked Windows 11 build may be considered to be actually a Microsoft build, as it’s not a perfect build yet, as it’s working to be distributed by a 3rd-party installed it. It can be shown that doing is still some risky thing.

Especially since a hash signature is not found on an original build here, it should be remembered that the relevant third party has no way to know whether it is a rebuilt ISO image without adding malware or otherwise dangerous program first to distribute it.