Mount Everest is about a meter high.

Nepal and China have announced that Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is 0.86 meters higher than officially calculated.
To date, countries differed on whether to install the snow shield. 8,848,86 meters of current height (29,032 feet).
The official altitude of China was 8,844,43m, just four meters below Nepal.
Everest is on the China-Nepal frontier and is climbed by climbers on both sides.
Officials in the Nepal Ministry of Foreign Relations and in the Studies Department suggested they had merged attempts by surveyors from both countries to achieve new heights.
Chinese President Xi Jinping made a joint announcement last year during a visit to Nepal’s capital Kathmandu to measure the world’s highest point.

Why does the official height change?

Previously, the Chinese authorities have said that Mount Everest should be scaled to its rocky height. Chinese surveyors have been counting their numbers since they weighed the mountains in 2005.
Nepal’s government officials told the BBC in 2012 that China was under pressure to accept China’s height, so they agreed to take a new measure to “correct the record once and for all.”

The height of 8,848 metres, used by Nepal for Mount Everest, was calculated by the Indian Survey in 1954, but the country’s summit was measured for the first time.
Four surveyors in Nepal spent two years practicing on the operation before attending the meeting.

Nepal’s chief surveyor, Kimlal Gautam, lost his finger due to hail while attending a conference to install height measurement equipment last year.

Climbing the peak of the mountain was a tremendous success for the conference attendants. For us, that’s just the beginning.
We choose 03:00, unlike previous surveys on Everest, to reduce sun exposure during the day.

Why is height questioned?

A great earthquake in 2015 has been proposed by some geologists to impact Mount Everest’s height. In Nepal at least 9,000 people were murdered by an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude, with a snow storm burying some of the camps. 18 climbers are gone.

How was Mount Everest Re-measured?

The mountain height is determined relative to the normal sea level. There is also less work up there than down there is.

Nepal used the Bay of Bengal as its sea level, but Indian inspectors were capable of allocating the Bay close to the border in Indo-Nepal near Mount Everest.

There, Nepal has built a weighting and melting chain of 250 kilometers of optical lines from which to climb to Everest.

The State-run China Newspaper also notes that Chinese surveyors used the Yellow Sea in eastern Shandong as a basis for sea levels.

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