Oxford Vaccine boosts immunity in infected people-scientists warn of mysterious Andrean’s disease in India

Surprising results of new milk samples taken from that area …

The Covid vaccine at Oxford University in the UK has been found to greatly improve the body’s immunity to Covid infections.

However, human trials of the third phase of the vaccine have not yet been completed.

For now, 95 percent of the current vaccine has been approved by the American food and Drug Authority.

Clinical trials of vaccines are also being carried out at the University of Oxford (UK) and at Astra Senica.

The University of Oxford announced that citing clinical trials in the first and second phases of the vaccine, only two doses of the Covid 19 virus would have substantial immunity.

No one could give the ideal solution, which is not strange. so far.

The Oxford University vaccine can be kept at room temperature and Astra 6Senica says they are planning to release the mordana and Pfizer Vaccines at a much cheaper cost.

The new invention known as RNA is being used to manufacture Pfizer and modern vaccines in the United States.

However, it has been used in the development of a regular vaccine for the Kovid vaccine by the University of Oxford called a ” viral Vector.”

The University of Oxford announced the launch of the Kovid vaccine in January.

Meanwhile, there has been worldwide detection of 721,000 Kovid 19 affected individuals and 12,830 deaths.

Worldwide, 75,299,629 people were sick.

In fact, 1668,691 Kovid infection 19 deaths worldwide.

In Indian newspapers, however, blood tests of 600 people recently diagnosed with a mysterious disease in Andhra Pradesh (India) indicate that elements of lead and nickel have been found.

There were also new samples of dairy products from the area containing the nickel ingredient and scientists warn they could be harmful.

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