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Realme is set to launch the first laptop and tablet under BBK Electronic

Apart from Samsung and Apple, BBK Electronic Company has become the third-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.
There’s a tough competition between Xiaomi and BBK Electronic right now to get that place especially with Huawei’s market collapsing.
BBK Electronic company, which was created by the companies Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, iQOO and Vivo, is now expanding its product range and is set to release a laptop and tab under the Realme brand in a very near day.
The laptop will be released here with a screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio, and it will also be used as the key marketing point of this laptop, according to reports.

This laptop has given the metal body design inspired by the Apple MacBook and also a frame with a thin bezel.
According to the photos that are currently added to the internet, a dual speakers system is seen to support stereo speakers from the bottom of the laptop, and the USB Type C charging port is also provided.
Also noted that this will be powered by the Windows operating system, and will be released as a fairly cheaper device.

Also in focusing on the tablet, it’s also going to be released under the Realme brand.
Although its photos haven’t been guessed or added to the internet yet, it’s predicted to be able to see information and photos at the Realme GT 5 G global launch event next week.

But according to a poster published on the internet, the tab appears to be a squared-off design and a dual-camera setup on the rear camera bump.
So even though it’s still hard to find full spec details about both of these devices, we’ll be able to know more about them in the near future.
And as many people believe, BBK electronic company is releasing Realme branded, non-smartphone, and other electronic devices, as well as brands like BBK owns OnePlus, Oppo are expected to release such devices.