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WhatsApp is ready to transfer the chat history when switching to another platform

The inability to sync WhatsApp conversation history across two mobile phones is a key issue when migrating from Android to iOS.

The reason for this is because WhatsApp is presently experimenting with backing up conversation history using iCloud on iOS and Google Drive on Android.

When migrating from one platform to another and using a new phone number, WhatsApp also allows you to move your conversation history.

This option enables users to monitor their conversation history not only when they switch devices from one platform to another, but also when they change phone numbers on their new device, according to WAbetainfo, a website that records new features in WhatsApp beta versions. It’s worth noting that the conversation history will be moveable.

You may transfer your current WhatsApp conversation history to the new device if you change your phone number when transferring from an Android phone to an iPhone.

WhatsApp now enables users to change their phone numbers without losing their conversation history, as well as change their phone number and chat history at the same time.

However, in this instance, the new device’s OS must be the same as your old phone’s, thus you won’t be able to transfer your conversation history across two iPhone models or two Android phones.

This feature is presently being developed for both WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iOS, according to WABetaInfo, but there are no specifics on when it will be accessible to users.