ZTE introduces advanced Under Display Camera technology and 3D facial recognition technology

As you already know, with the launch of ZTE Axon 20 5G last year, ZTE has been able to provide its customers with the world’s first full-screen experience, a screen experience that is uninterrupted by holes or punch score.

However, we were not 100% satisfied with the first selfie camera under-display released, as it was difficult to hide the selfie camera location in some cases when using the screen.

As a result, many people expected an improvement in selfie camera technology under display, and now ZTE has responded positively.

The official Weibo page of ZTE reports that ZTE revealed advanced selfie camera technology under selfie display technology during the MWC 2021 event in Shanghai, raising the PPI rating from 200 to 400PPI in the camera’s location.

In addition to increasing the value of the PPI, the new enhanced screen supports a 120 Hz refresh rate, replacing the 90Hz update rate on ZTE Axon 20 5G, so the new technology will be able to provide more advanced and clear visibility on the home screen. ZTE indicates.

In addition, ZTE has introduced 3D technology to replace 2D facial recognition technology, which ZTE refers to as a stronger biometric technology and safer than 2D technology.

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